Welcome to StorrBlog!

Far from being the back page blog that is created quickly and forgotten, ours is constantly under development. Brimming with exciting new ideas and solutions to difficult problems. Excuse us if we get a little technical from time to time, but that’s probably what you want anyway.

The moment a new technology appears on the horizon, we start using it and quickly master it. Bringing those benefits and advantages to clients.

Our staff is professional, young, and we love coding and innovation. We master the latest technologies. In our halls we fluently speak Angular5, Node.js, and all the rest.

We aren’t the new kids on the block. For more than a decade we have been up to our shoulders in software development. Over time we have become known throughout the industry as professionals who can get the job done right and on time.

We are masters at developing complex scalable systems. We’ve consulted with some of the top companies and enterprises, taking their most demanding challenges head on. We’re doing a lot of work with Angular5 while solving system design problems.

This blog serves as a knowledge base for the latest technologies. Here we freely share ideas and solutions that can help entrepreneurs, developers and teams everywhere.

We do a lot of work with mobile applications and scalable systems. No doubt we encounter a lot of the same problems you do. Here we share our experiences and the solutions we discovered along the way. These pointers could help you or your team solve a problem that has been troubling you.

Here at StorSoft we believe the application development process must be dynamic, smart, and flexible. We stay ready for drastic changes in volume, usage, and enterprise. The key team must be an innovative versatile battleship rather than a heavy cumbersome cargo vessel that turns ever so slowly and only travels long established routes.

That’s not to say solutions come quickly. Even the finest programmers must take the long road from idea to finished product. Yes, sometimes a great solution can come in a lucky flash, but more often fine products come from many hours of concentrated, dedicated work. This allows us to face the demands of using cutting edge technology in IoT, sharing economy, TV broadcasting, health, and much more.

Fierce competition between applications forces entrepreneurs to push projects to the forefront of technology. We’re here to talk about it. Discuss it. And find areas of truth and value.

As you know, each project bears its own technical challenges. Our development team frequently has to think outside the box to discover the best solution. We present those ideas here.